The vestry is the legal governing and decision-making body of a parish church, consisting of the rector and elected lay representatives.  Its duties include calling the rector, approving the budget, making policy and approving expenditures.

The Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi state the following:

The Vestry of every Parish shall consist of the Rector when there is one, two Wardens, and not less than three nor more than eleven Members of the Vestry; except that Parishes with more than three hundred Communicants may, if they so elect, have not more than fifteen Members of the Vestry. The Wardens and Members of the Vestry shall be confirmed Communicants, at least twenty-one years of age, canonically resident and actually residing in the Parish and entitled to suffrage at its annual meeting at which they are elected.

At St. Peter’s we have 2 wardens and 9 vestry persons.  Our wardens serve a one-year term and our vestry persons serve a three-year term


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